It’s been a long, hard winter in Sweden and yet, getting some “nypotatis”, or fresh potatoes, to the herring this Easter will be possible. The first harvest was grown in a hothouse in Väsby in Skåne.

Farmer Johan Sandgren believes he’ll be able to deliver 400-600 kilos (880-1300 lbs) of the potato sort Rocket (which according to experts is a “tasty and mild” sort). But this delicacy at this time will cost you dearly. “It’s been a long winter, so the prize can be up to 400 to 600 SEK ($60-90) per kilo or up to $175 per lb,” Sandgren says to Helsingborgs Dagblad. It’s the second year in a row, that Sandgren is first in delivering fresh potatoes in Sweden.

The Swedish nypotatis will be impossible for us to get here in the U.S. but for a Swede the Easter table - similar to the smörgåsbord around Christmas - will have to feature some of the traditional dishes. Here's a brief with links to some of the more common dishes for the Easter table: Swedish Food; gravlax, herring..