Do you care about plentiful, affordable, and nutritious food? Then you ought to stick to Europe, preferably the northern parts.
The international confederation Oxfam, which works in around 90 countries to find solutions to poverty and injustice in the world, has published their new ”Good Enough to Eat” index on healthy and affordable food, and only European countries can be found in the top 20, with Australia on the 8th spot as the exception.

The Netherlands tops the list, followed by France on second and Switzerland on third. Sweden shares a fourth spot with Denmark, Austria, and Belgium. Thus the U.S. didn’t make it to the top 20 of the 125 countries. The worst place when it comes to plentiful and healthy food is Chad, which ranks right behind Ethiopia and Angola. Oxfam compiled the data between October and December last year, using the most recent information from the World Health Organization, the Food and Agriculture Foundation, and the International Labor Organization, among other international organizations.


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