The latest Swedish coffee trend is decidedly retro. Or, how about stove-made boiled coffee?
Coffee dealer Sten-Åke Stehag says: ”Many people think boiled coffee tastes very very good.” Sales of ’kokkaffe’ have steadily increased in the past three years at the family-owned ”Indiska thé- och kaffemagasinet” in Göteborg. In the old days, boiled coffee was a favorite among older Swedes and campers, but today coffee lovers of all ages are hooked. Swedes are also interested in the origins of the coffee beans. Now that the espresso hype has faded, the interest in a new taste experience is growing. ”You make your coffee with as hot water as you can. A coffee maker lets through coffee at 176-185 degrees F, which is not hot enough to bring out the aroma. This is why so many people are attracted to boiled coffee,” Stehag explains. His daughter Camilla Stehag believes it is all due to the vintage trend: We embrace more elements of the lifestyles of our grandparents and slow down our tempo.

How to make your ”kokkaffe”:
1. Use a coffee pot, preferably an enamel one of the older type. They may be difficult to find, but try the second-hand stores.

2. Pour cold water in the pot and put it on the stove.

3. Pour the coffee into the water, once it is lukewarm.

4. Once the coffee starts bubbling at the surface you remove the pot from the stove and let the coffee sink. Repeat this three times to let the water through.

5. Pour a little water into the spout of the pot when the coffee is ready, to make the coffee sink.

6. Now your coffee is ready to be enjoyed!

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