How do you best keep your summer food fresh? Food hygiene professor Marie-Louise Danielsson-Tham has the following tips:
1. Lay out the herring buffet on a bed of ice, to keep it cold. Herring and different concoctions are sensitive and should not sit out too long in room temperature.
2. Be careful with cold cuts. Wash your hands before dealing with these products, since staphylococci on skin easily transfers to foods, and can start growing in room temperature.
3. Smoked salmon lasts longer in room temperature than poached. Boiled fish should be kept in the fridge because bacteria survive heat treatment and may form a neurotoxin if allowed to grow uncontrolled.
4. Cheese tastes better when in room temperature. Bring it out a few hours before serving, but make sure to put it back in the fridge afterwards.
5. Make sure you put your whipped cream on a bed of ice as well so it doesn’t turn sour.
6. Wash your strawberries carefully.