A new food delivery service is your ticket to the world. Subscribe to Try the World at https://www.trytheworld.com, choose your delivery frequency and payment plan, and receive boxes of different ethnic food every four to eight weeks. Your first box will ship within two weeks, and could be May’s featured food — from Sweden. Every box includes seven or eight gourmet or snack items selected by an expert chef. The Swedish box features selections by Chef Emma Bengtsson, who was born and raised in western Sweden and is the executive chef of Aquavit in NYC. Chef Bengtsson shares food from two of Sweden’s most treasured culinary traditions: the smörgåsbord and fika — you’ll find the fixings for crushed berry saft, Swedish dumplings, salmon and dill toasts. Each box comes with a culture guide that includes the story behind each product, authentic recipes and tips to best experience the country’s culinary culture. They are items that are hard to find in the U.S. but loved by locals from the country of origin. Try the World and discover new places through food.