Jon Lundstrom is retiring, and Jen LaPointe, a long time coworker at Crown Bakery and Café and her husband Ed will continue the successful bakery, which has been a fixture in Worcester, Mass. since the early 1960s.

Jon took over the bakery from his father in 1994 and looks forward to less stress with more time for his family. “It’s been 50 years in the Lundstrom regime, so to speak,” said Lundstrom. “Now Jen’s taking over and she’s Swedish too. The Swedish blood is still flowing.”
While the LaPointes plan on adding some new items and making some tweaks to the layout of the building, both they and Lundstrom say customers will be in good hands under the new ownership.
"The plan is to continue with the traditional Swedish pastries,” Jen LaPointe said. “That has worked for over 50 years, I don’t think that’s something we should change." Definitely good news for aficionados of princesstårta, coffee rings, chokladbiskvier and mazariner (such as us at Nordstjernan).
"It’s very nostalgic and sentimental for me in a sense, says Jen. "I used to come here with my mom as a little girl and pick up coffee rings to bring to church. My dad was an usher in our church with Jon's dad."
The LaPointes took over as owners of Crown Bakery in July. The bakery opens July 17 after a summer hiatus and a Grand Reopening under new management is planned for August 16. For more info, see