Ikea will soon offer a meatball made from herbal protein, a so-called meat-free-ball (köttfribulle). The Swedish mega home furnishings store will test the new meat-free-ball with customers early next year with a goal to sell it in stores in the fall of 2020.

Ikea, which already offers vegetarian based dishes for schnitzel, lasagna and pasta bolognese, intends for this food group to represent at least one-fifth of sales by 2022. “We sell a lot of meatballs a year and therefore it is very gratifying to be able to offer a more sustainable version made from herbal protein soon. Simply a meat-free-ball,” says Ann Holster, responsible for Ikea Sweden's restaurant business, in a press release.


With the new meat-free-ball, the company will reduce its climate impact given that a quarter of the carbon dioxide emissions are from food.