Thunberg’s inspiration derives from his upbringing in Oslättfors, a small town on the southeastern coast of Sweden which, according to Thunberg, “gave me the inspiration for what I do today.” His love of nature extends to both the sea and the forest and he sometimes paints the same landscape all year round. This depiction of nature is evident in Nordic Light. His work has been displayed in galleries and institutions throughout the world, including the Sveabrunn Gallery in Stockholm; Finland’s Raumo Museum; the Kiev Museum in Russia; the Bing Gallery at Kungsbacka, Gotland; and in the collections of the Swedish National Arts Council.

While many artists have depicted nature, Thunberg says he paints it in an individualistic and Swedish way. “The people who look at my paintings see what I see—all the beautiful things that are in nature.” The artist explains that his naturalistic and personal style is recognized by viewers, which enhances his passion for painting. “People can see and talk about my paintings in homes and other public places,” he says. “I feel that very much in my heart.”


The exhibit will run through Sunday, Nov. 28. For more info, see or call 773.728.8111. The Swedish American Museum is located at 5211 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60640