On Thursday, February 3, the Cincinnati Public Library officially received a donation of nearly 170 books in the Swedish language by “Swedes in Greater Cincinnati.” The books cover a wide range of subjects for readers of all ages. This is a donation made possible by the organization’s members in order to raise awareness of learning Swedish and enable the reading of books in their original language. In today’s global world, where cultural understanding has become more important, this donation makes it possible for people living in the greater Cincinnati area to expand their horizons.
This donation also highlights the expansion of the existing international children’s book section at the Cincinnati Public Library. This collection is an excellent resource for families to use for teaching their children a different language or their mother tongue.
Swedes in Greater Cincinnati, founded in 2008, is a local non-profit group of first-generation Swedish immigrants within the greater Cincinnati area. The organization has more than 200 members who meet regularly, engaging in various cultural activities for children and adults, speaking Swedish, and celebrating their common heritage and traditions. For more information, see Swedes in Cincinnati or, for the library site: Cincinnati Library.