People interested in the Nordic world gather on the third Friday of the month for Nordic Happy Hour in Minneapolis. They meet at William's Uptown Pub and Peanut Bar on 29th and Hennepin from 6-8 p.m. The conversation fluidly changes between English and the languages of Norden. Regular attendees say that the Norwegians generally dominate the population.

The group began some years ago when current and former staff from the Concordia Language Villages programs in Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian decided that it would be fun to get together on a regular basis during the year. During the Christmas holidays the American Swedish Institute hosted the event at its center on 2600 Park Avenue in Minneapolis, thereby raising awareness of the existence of the group among ASI members, and building a link between regular attendees and the ASI.

Call it networking, or a gathering of people with like minds, whatever the title, there are opportunities to meet others whose work or passions involve them with the languages of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark.

For more information about William's Uptown Pub and Peanut Bar, call 612-823-6271. Or see facebook: William's Uptown Pub and Peanut Bar

By V. S. Arrowsmith