Chicago and Gothenburg celebrate 25 years of friendship
The 25th anniversary of the Chicago-Gothenburg sister city companionship brought supporters and friends together to celebrate the cities' long-lasting friendship.
Gothenburg joined Chicago Sister Cities International in 1987. At the time, it was one of only seven cities in the organization. Today, Chicago’s Sister Cities International has flourished with 28 member cities.
The mission of the organization is to bring citizens together to cooperate and share ideas, activities and solutions in different areas, and the relationship between Chicago and Gothenburg has had some great and memorable moments: the Chicago Bears visiting Gothenburg in 1988, Lucia celebrations in Chicago and the big school exchange.
During the anniversary celebration, speakers included Ulf Anvin, Honorary Consul General of Sweden and Samuel Scott, chairman of the Board of Chicago Sister Cities International. Both of them highlighted their respective cities' charm.
“Chicago is the preeminent city in the midwest. It’s the prettiest of the Navy cities. In education, museum, arts and medical institutions, Chicago is the number one in the U.S.,” said Scott.
Alvin said, "Gothenburg is the front side of Sweden,” mentioning the beautiful archipelago and delicious seafood.
“Gothenburg is such a good fit with Chicago,” he said, as he compared similarities such as manufacturing, sports, and education.

Erik Kinnhammar