Frida Rosén, a musician and acupuncturist from Ängelholm, Sweden, toured Europe as a member of the Swedish folk music band, Plommon. She quit the band a couple of years ago and moved to America to explore country music. She recently joined the new mixed choir Merula in Chicago.

You came to America because of country music, but why did you join a choir?
"I like any kind of music. I like to sing in a choir because it is very relaxed and laid back. It’s fun and I also enjoy the social part of it."


Was it a challenge to quit the band and move to America?
"The biggest challenge to quitting the band was losing a big part of (my) identity. The band was a big part of me after playing together for 13 years.

Who is your favorite country singer?
"One of my favorites is John Prine. He was one of the reasons I was inspired to go to America.

How did you get the opportunity to tour Europe with the band?
"It sort of just happened. We kept getting gigs and we met our German managers and kept playing."

Do you miss the band today?
"I don’t miss it. Sometimes I miss touring around in a van. We grew up together, but it was time for me to do something else."

Erik Kinnhammar