Stefan Löfven, the current leader of the Social Democrats in Sweden, took over in late January, and after a period of calmness and internal discussion, Löfven has developed a strategy that will attract voters and bring success back to the Social Democrats.
The former trade union leader’s main issues and focus are on innovation, research and creating new jobs. "We are more market oriented but we also take some of the fruits,” said Löfven.
On June 25, Löfven visited the Swedish Trade Council in Chicago to gain understanding about potential export expansion and to develop relationships with Swedish companies overseas.
Together with a staff consisting of International Secretary Ann Linde, Adviser Oscar Stenström, Foreign Policy Spokesperson Urban Ahlin and Press Officer Erik Nises, Löfven visited the Swedish strength and conditioning company Eleiko Sport, and listened to a presentation about Infocube, a Swedish ERP System retailer that recently established an office in Chicago.
Company representatives requested more political support from the Swedish government, relationship building and understanding issues concerning companies overseas.
Löfven and his staff continued on to Washington, D.C. for meetings with representatives from the National Democratic Institute, Center for American Progress, World Bank Group, and the Senate and the U.S. Congress.

Text & Photography: Erik Kinnhammar


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