SACC Chicago "kräftskiva"
It is sandy yellow, green or dark brown. It is about 3 inches long and turns bright red when you cook it. Of course, we’re talking about the crayfish!

When the long days of summer begin to wane, Swedes everywhere celebrate a century-old love affair with a clawed crustacean. Over 4,000 tons of crayfish—nearly a pound per person—are cracked open and devoured in Sweden each year.
The popularity of crayfish parties transcends simply gorging on tasty seafood. The feasts give Swedes a chance to bid farewell to the season when the sun sets only briefly and gird themselves for the return of months when the sun sets just after lunch.
"We laugh, eat a lot of good food, and when the moment feels right, we'll sing a song then down a snaps," said Jörgen Jonsson at this year's SACC Chicago crayfish party. "Crayfish are a part of the Swedish summer," he continued while explaining the tradition to a colleague new to the tradition. "If you are going to say goodbye to summer, I can't imagine a better way to do it."
Served by the plateful and topped with sprigs of fresh dill, the tiny lobster-like crayfish have brought friends and family together since the late 19th century. On September 8 it was time for the local Swedish American Chamber of Commerce Chicago to hold its annual party. Every table was full and 100 guests enjoyed the camaraderie and warm atmosphere at the Sheridan Shore Yacht Club in Wilmette, Ill.