A family owned business may be the foundation of Axelent Inc., but this is not just your grandparents' country store.
From its origin in Hillerstorp, Sweden, the company continues to strive for excellence. With a vision of "always being the quickest, offering the best function/solution and delivering the highest quality," Axelent has risen to the top of its field in workplace safety.
It started as a small company that manufactured mesh wall systems intended for machine guarding. They had many competitors and were trying to figure out how to contend with these companies. After an encounter with a German client, Axelent made the decision to redesign their business strategy.
From then on, Axelent did more to provide the customer a solid value the entire way. They made small changes in machinery, schooled employees on acting swiftly and adjusted shipping methods, all to create a more efficient system. Since their founding, they have grown to develop personal safety in the robotics industry and equipment, logistics to industrial application.

Magnus Lundberg, president of Axelent Inc., says the fact that the company is not a quarterly, short term driven business is what has made it strong and at the forefront of the industry. They focus on their own values, the effectiveness of their product and long-term benefits. The company is known worldwide for its availability, versatility and speed. They promise products "when you want them, when you need them." With 80 percent of their U.S. customer base located in the Great Lakes region, they can deliver to most customers within one to two days, says Lundberg. Chicago also has two major airports (Midway and O’Hare), which allow them to reach the entire U.S. in a matter of hours. According to their website, they are represented in 50 different countries, occupying a prominent position in both the domestic and international markets.
Lundberg has seen the company grow a steady 15 to 25 percent each year since its beginning in the 1980s. With only 80 to 90 employees, it is by no means big, Lundberg says, but Axelent has found this is how small companies can connect themselves and become efficient. As decades pass, safety has become more regulated, and the laws mandate the use of Axelent's own product.
In 2004, Axelent was looking to set up shop in the U.S. Lundberg looked at several other locations before suggesting the Chicago area. As it grew into a larger company, Axelent outgrew the U.S. facility located in Orland Park, IL. Now, just 30 minutes west by car is their new facility in Lockport, IL.
On May 7, Axelent will host the grand opening of the new location. The company itself, however, is still headquartered in Hillerstorp, Sweden.
Axelent Inc. can now be found at 14503 S. Gougar Rd., Ste. 900 Lockport, IL 60441 or visit www.axelent.com for more information.