Isle, MN — The Tusenvann Sons of Norway Lodge 1-659 of Isle, Minnesota began its fall season with a troll encounter. After the business meeting and announcements, Jan Smith began her presentation. She introduced herself as a changeling; she explained how that happened in her life and talked about many different kinds of trolls.

The presentation was interactive. Smith wrapped a bandage around the injured finger of the lodge president, using an onion salve for healing. She asked one woman to inspect a packet of dried troll food and identify the components, which were a variety of beans, split peas and chickpeas. She offered some soothing remedies for the food service committee member and president, each of whom might have to endure extra duties at meeting times and could therefore benefit from some calming or enchanting tea.

Smith, a storyteller and author, also shared short summaries of her numerous books. Her historic fiction portrays the stories of emigration and new settlements in the upper midwest.

The evening included “a little lunch,” a Minnesota phenomenon, perhaps based on Nordic traditions. The table was set with platters of artfully arranged open-faced sandwiches. There were pickles, deviled eggs, crackers, and several plates of bars and cookies, and coffee was a given, although as it was evening, decaf was served.

The evening also included “a little lunch music” by Roy Billmark, as well as some music for entering and exiting the gathering. Billmark was ready with his button box accordion, playing a selection of tunes and singing a few songs. He said he used to be a drummer in a band for many years, and then when rock and roll became popular he discovered he was a terrible drummer for rock music. Fortunately he had played the accordion since he was a young boy and it was his regular companion, even when he was in the Merchant Marines. Now he performs about 15 times a month, mostly at senior living venues. When asked if audiences appreciated the music, he said, “Well, I think they must like it a little bit, as no one has thrown anything at me yet.”

Tusenvann Lodge has 89 members. They meet regularly for programs, business meetings and fundraisers. They support delegates to the district Sons of Norway conventions and go on regional field trips. For more information call 320-684-2174, visit them on Facebook: