Legend has it that Vikings were armor-clad warriors, robbers and seafaring invaders, aggressive travelers who killed and frightened anyone they encountered. But that’s far from their whole story. Archaeological discoveries and Scandinavian artifacts explain another side of our Nordic ancestors: They were also peaceful traders, farmers, hunters and craftsmen.

In this exhibit from the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm, now at The Field Museum in Chicago, we can view artifacts from the Vikings' everyday activities, religious beliefs and family life in 750-1100 AD, including beautiful jewelry and metalwork, objects made from glass and bone, and yes, swords and armor.

The exhibition also includes an exploration of mythology and the symbolism of Viking ships, a new understanding of the importance of travel and trade, and some exciting virtual experiences for all ages. Discover why — even 1,000 years later — Viking culture still captivates our imagination, from Feb. 27 through Oct. 4 at The Field Museum.
Who were the Vikings? Special exhibition at Chicago's Field Museum

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