We R able, an organization in east-central Minnesota, offered band-weaving instruction and a couple open studio times so learners could complete a project. The week after Christmas was selected as a time when folks might have an open afternoon or evening to try some work with textiles. While most weavers had local addresses, one came from the state of Wyoming.

Some were novices in the weaving domain, but by the end of the first lesson each participant had learned the process of creating a woven band suitable for use as a belt, trim, Scandinavian tray hanger, guitar strap or dog leash.


Coincidentally, while learners were working on a Swedish-style of weaving, they began to talk about heritage. All the participants had Swedish roots, and two of them were related to one of the team members in Season One of “Allt för Sverige,” so the group found the program online, and listened to it while they wove.

The next band-weaving session is scheduled for April 15-16. (Consider it a reward for getting your income taxes done on time.) Another Nordic event on the schedule is the celebration of St. Urho’s Day on March 17, with the Spirit River Scandiband. For more information about upcoming programs visit the We R Able Facebook page.