A room full of folks interested in enjoying good company and traditional Swedish food gathered in mid-January for the annual pea soup and pancake lunch, hosted by the Dala Heritage Society.
Gordon Hallstrom, president, gave a little Swedish lesson and helped people understand how to pronounce some of the vowels with dots or circles over them. He gave the group a couple songs as vehicles for practice, particularly the old emigrant favorite “Hälsa dem där hemma.”
The Dala Heritage Society offers several events and programs during the year that focus on Swedish and Swedish-American culture and celebrations. Sankta Lucia and Midsommar are two significant events, plus many of the guests present host incoming Swedish cross country skiers for the annual Vasaloppet ski events over the February 13th weekend. The big races are on Saturday, with events like Skijoring on Sunday.
Everyone is welcome to be a part of the organization. For more information call 320-679-3869.