We R Able in Rush City, Minnesota hosted the Julgransplundring afternoon in early January. It contained multiple learning opportunities, including a Swedish language lesson in which guests practiced target vocabulary through puzzles, songs and repetition using Total Physical Response. Each person had the chance to make a julgranskaramel, the traditional Swedish ornament which was then hung on the tree. The final part of julgransplundring had everyone dancing around the tree before they picked it up and threw it out the door.
A light supper was served and participants could join in a game to see what they had learned during the afternoon: There were 13 questions in a Tips Promenad format posted around the building, each with a possible three answers and all related to the lesson and activities from the celebration.
Assisting in the teaching and celebration were Will Wessel of Cambridge, MN who has spent time as a "manny" (male nanny) in Sweden and Norway, and Josie Arrowsmith, who has taught Swedish through the Concordia Language Villages.