After three years of missing the historic blue and yellow Andersonville water tower that had to be removed from the roof of the Swedish American Museum, a replica is being assembled in the museumís nearby parking lot, getting ready for installation.

The tank was removed from its historic location on the museumís roof after it was damaged beyond repair during 2014ís extremely harsh winter. The three-story building that's now the Swedish American Museum was originally built for the Lind Hardware Store in 1927 by Swedish architect Anders Norman. Water from the wooden tank served as a fire-suppression system for more than a century, but the replica, which is made of fiberglass will not contain water. Funding for the replacement was realized through large and small contributions.

The Swedish American Museum relocated to the vacant building in 1987, and the tank was painted in the colors of the Swedish flag about 20 years ago. It has been considered a beacon of the Andersonville community, even as the neighborhood has gentrified and become more diverse.
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