In Sweden, 33,168 second homes are owned by foreigners, which is an increase of over 4% since 2008 and over 9% since 2007. Non-Swedes own 6% of the total number of residences used for holiday purposes in the country.

Regionally, at 39%, foreign holiday property ownership is greatest in Kronoberg county, although it represents 21% Värmland and 15% in Jönköping. On the outskirts of Stockholm in Mälardalen, in Gävleborg and on the island of Gotland, less than one percent is "non-Swedishly" owned. About 88% of the foreign owners are either Danish, German or Norwegian. Curiously, more vacation property owners come from Great Britain and Switzerland than from Sweden's next door neighbor, Finland.

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The two towns with the highest number of foreign holiday home owners are Stromstad (Norwegians) and Ljungby (Danes). By proportion, in the municipality of Markaryd, 59% of the second homes are owned by foreigners.