Wedding special: 1 room, 1 week, $3,473.
The Royal Wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling on June 19 has sent rental prices for hotels, cabins, campgrounds and now even private apartments skyrocketing, and few places for the week of June 14-21remain available.

Prices can be expected to get even higher and include outlying suburbs. At this point, reservations for the days immediately surrounding the wedding are filling up at distant points that have air connections to Arlanda in Stockholm. Staff members of airlines would not officially confirm, but off the record, expected that extra round trip flights might be necessary from as far away as Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen on June 18-20. Remaining rooms on Stockholm's outskirts, according to reports, are raising their overnight fees by double or more, although prices still remained tolerable at commuter-distance towns in the Mälaren valley.


Hotel rooms in nearly all central Swedish cities are becoming scare, and in Stockholm, well, just forget it! Private Stockholm apartment and condo residents are currently listing their places for as much as $3,473 for a single room during that week in the Katarina/Sofia sector of town. As advertised on web sites such as, apartments in Bromma are going for $1,389 that week and in Kungsholmen for $2,084.

The choicest locations in Gamla Stan - where the palace is located - included a three room apartment (with kitchen) from June 15-21 for $2,779 plus a $695 security deposit. Obviously, the owners expected some sharing of the expenses because they specified that there were two two-person beds, two one-person beds and "also a big sofa where one person easily can sleep."

Because municipal housing officials consider these to be one-time holiday rentals, restrictions normally applying to prices - or even permission to rent out space - are not being applied during the Royal Wedding week.