Famed furniture retailer test launches a free web-based sales service for customers

Beginning in early September, Ikea debuted its purchase and sales site for used Ikea products - all free for members of IKEA's "Family" (in some ways the IKEA customer loyalty program) as part of their new community involvement program.


A partnership between the international retailer and the Swedish based classified sales site called Blocket, the opening coincides with a similar customer oriented Ikea service that entails holding flea markets on Saturdays at some of their 276 department stores in 25 countries.

According to company spokesmen, Ikea hopes to have an active role in sustainability issues, and therefore, the new site allows people to easily and freely sell previously owned Ikea products. If testing in Sweden is successful, the company says it will probably expand the concept to other nations.

"The fact that we now provide a purchase and sales site is good for our customers and the environment, and that means simultaneously that it is good for Ikea," said Peter Agnefjäll, Managing Director of Ikea Sweden.

Source: www.IKEA.se