A gold medalist for first place playing the "TrackMania Nations Forever" cyber game was won by Kalle "Frostbeule" Mörtlund Videkull of Team Sweden.

The 10th annual World Cyber Games Grand Final concluded as a four-day contest at the last of September in the Los Angeles Convention Center. The event attracted more than 400 competitors from 58 countries. South Korean players retained the title of grand champions for the third straight year at what is called the "Olympics of the video game world."


Whether you do it or not, video games are a big part of the digital world today. In the U.S. 65% of households play video games and not just teenagers - an estimated 26% are over 50, 49% are between 18 and 50 and 25% under 18 with an average age of 32. Two our of five gamers are female and the players spend an average of 18 hours per week gaming. The best selling console (among XBox 360, WII, Sony Playstation..) is so far Playstation 2 with a whopping 138 million sold units...
(Source: www.onlineeducation.net)

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