Feature film debutants and female producers dominate the Swedish film nominations of 2010. Here are the nominees -

Best Film:
“I rymden finns inga känlsor” (Simple Simon)
“Svinalängorna” (Beyond).
Best Director:
Pernilla August (for “Svinalängorna”)
Lisa Langseth (for “Till det som är vackert”/Pure)
Babak Najafi (for “Sebbe”).
Best actress in a leading role:
Pernilla August (for her role as Kicki in “Miss Kicki”)
Noomi Rapace (for her role as Leena in “Svinalängorna”)
Alicia Vikander (for her role as Katarina in “Det som är vackert”).
Best actor in a leading role:
Sebastian Hiort af Ornäs (for his role as Sebbe in “Sebbe”)
Joel Kinnaman (for his role as JW in “Snabba Cash”/Easy Money) and
Bill Skarsgård (for his role as Simon in “I rymden finns inga känslor”).


The Guldbagge Awards ceremony will be held January 24 at Cirkus in Stockholm. Awarded annually since 1964, the Guldbagge ("Golden Beetle") is the name of the Swedish Film Institute's award for achievements during the previous year. The award itself, in the form of a fantastical beetle, was designed by the artist Karl Axel Pehrson.

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