“It’s just crazy how good this last yeas has been,” says director Mikael Söderlind. The idea saw the light in 2008 and within weeks business began. Today, two and a half years later, Happy Socks can be found in around 3,000 stores in some 50 countries.

“The export makes up for around 70% of all sales,” Söderlind, one of the founders, says. The USA is Happy Socks strongest market, where Happy Socks are about to explode, according to Söderlind.


“We’ve sold around 70 pairs of socks per 1000 inhabitants in Sweden since the beginning,” he continues. “That’s a lot.”

Happy Socks was founded by Viktor Tell and Mikael Söderlind, they are designed in Sweden and produced in a factory in Turkey. Who wears them? Everybody, it seems, from the yuppies hanging around Stureplan in Stockholm to skating youngsters in California. They are fit for both genders.