Swedes are the sixth richest people in the world according to the 2011 Global Wealth Report from Credit Suisse.
According to the bank, the world’s total wealth has increased with 14% since last year. The greatest average wealth belongs to the Swiss (they average $545,960.00 per adult), second are the Australians, then the Norwegians, the French, the Singaporeans, and the Swedes (who average $288,655 per adult).

Credit Suisse maintains that Asia Pacific is the key to the growth of global wealth. Since 2000 that region has counted for 36% of all global wealth creation and for more than half, 54%, since January 2010.
“Our second edition of the Global Wealth Report reconfirms again that these are times of unprecedented economic change, and a radical reconfiguration of the world’s economic order is taking shape," Osama Abbasi, CEO of Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse said after the release. "Emerging markets are important drivers of the global recovery and remain the key growth engines of global wealth.”
Emerging markets remain the main wealth growth engine, with the fastest growth seen in Latin America, Africa and Asia. In the next five years, global wealth is expected to rise by 50% to USD 345 trillion and wealth per adult to increase 40% to reach USD 70,700, led by growth in emerging markets.
When looking at the countries that have contributed to the growth of global wealth, USA tops the list and is followed by China, Japan, Brazil, and Australia. Sweden’s number 15 on that list.
Second annual Global Wealth Report


The Report defines wealth as the value of financial assets and non-financial assets (mainly real estate), minus household debt.