Recently, Vibeke Steineger and Paul W. Perkins, The American Scandinavian Society, and the Norwegian Immigration Association hosted the launch of The Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights – US Foundation, in New York City. Guest of honor was Kjell Magne Bondevik, former Prime Minister of Norway. It’s been over two years since Bondevik founded The Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights, with the mission to promote peace through intercultural and interreligious dialogues.
“Religion is in many parts of the world used as a pretext for conflict,” Bondevik said at the time. “We believe that, through dialogue, we can create increased understanding and tolerance between the great religions and focus on shared values. Religion can then become a contributor to peace. In the course of a long political life, I have become convinced that the most important challenge facing us today is to fight for the poor and the oppressed. That’s why I established The Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights.”
Bondevik has an extensive network and list of contacts from his many years in international politics and diplomacy. The Oslo Center staff also has lengthy experience in government, civil service, multilateral organizations, and NGO's. The Oslo Center is an independent, not-for-profit foundation.