Members of the House of Sweden, San Diego, CA. had their annual Christmas party Dec 13 at a local restaurant.  To their delighted members, President Carl England introduced Gail Rees, chairman of their annual Swede of the year award.  She announced the winner for 2009 was Marta E. Nilsson, who easily won the honored award.  
Recommendations for Marta came from all walks of life.  Letters came from San Diego State University, San Diego City Schools, teachers, students and many friends.  Many referred to Marta as “the Swedish Angel” who helped people with her words of encouragement, her smiles, her willingness to help, her delicious Swedish cookies and Swedish meatballs, and always her flowers.  The announcement was followed by a thunderous applause for Marta, who was the most surprised person in the room. Submitted by Ms. Aina Summerfelt / Vern (Bud) Watkins