SWEA Orange County summer fashion show took place at member Vanja Haley’s beautiful Newport Beach estate this year. The southern California chapter is one of the early SWEA chapters and still one of the more active. The fashion show was an opportunity to meet and see fellow members on the runway — showing summer colors from member Anita Chaitin’s selections.
More information: http://www.chapters-swea.org/orangecounty/

The global organization SWEA is all about networking and creating local platforms for Swedish women abroad: Its objective is to protect the Swedish language, support and inform about the Swedish culture and traditions. SWEA also acts as an intermediary in supplying personal and professional contacts and establishes a network for its members throughout the world. Like a global sisterhood of sorts. The first SWEA chapter was born in California in 1979. SWEA supports projects with Swedish connections and education through scholarships (the Swedish program at Columbia University, New York, for instance is partly sponsored by SWEA). The sum of donations and scholarships from last year was $155,000 (excluding the three international scholarships which are $10,000 each). SWEA’s international network is becoming a more important resource for Swedish business abroad.

Photography: Kerstin Alm