Chocolate factories exist not only in the movies but also in reality. For most people the San Francisco Chocolate Factory is a well-kept secret, but can you imagine a better place to find your holiday mood? Probably not. The Chocolate Factory is located in a very hip, up-and-coming San Francisco neighborhood, and as soon as you see it you feel as if you are about to enter the world of Willy Wonka.
At an intimate event SACC-SF and local chocolate distributor Bridge Brands Chocolate hosted a November business mixer where two beloved temptations were paired together: chocolate and wine.
Northern California is known for its ability to produce exceptional wines, but it's also home to the art of combining their fine wines with their chocolate. Bridge Brands Chocolate’s president Mike Litton runs a factory specialized in creating the ultimate combination between the two.
During two hours SACC-SF members and associates got a unique lesson in the art of blending wine with chocolate. While mingling in the factory we learned that a merlot probably tastes best paired with 58% cacao and a zinfandel is fulfilled by the 72% dark chocolate.
The picture collage illustrates the chocolate expert, Sabrina, explaining the history of the cacao bean and how it has evolved into the chocolate we have today. Also shown are the guests mingling and taking pleasure in sampling the various pairings and the delightful interior of the factory gift shop (unfortunately we cannot add the smell or taste to the pictures).