Submitted by Linn Glimeus and Ella-Magda Axenram

In Sweden, clogs used to be banned from the feet of anyone who would call themselves even slightly fashionable, but in the last year clogs have made a come back as people have been reintroduced to new, appealing styles of the ergonomically designed clog.
Hungry for a new and exciting project, Susannah and Sabine explored their wish to create a reinvented modern clog. “We wanted the clog to look one part retro, a bit modern fresh, with a dash of disco. And we got that result by adding bright shiny colors and a high heel to the classic style,” says Sabine. Ipso facto, the "Almost Danish" clog was born.
With their minds full of ideas they went back to Sweden to ask the locally renowned Båstad Toffeln to make their reinvented clog. They also liked that Båstad Toffeln is a green corporation that uses all natural materials: wood, leather and environmentally friendly water based paints. All the clogs are handmade in a small, family owned factory located in southern Sweden. They take the green stamp further and limit waste by selling the clogs in a reusable organic cotton eco bag (instead of using shoe boxes). "It is important for us that the clogs are good for both humans and nature," says Susannah.
You might wonder where they got the name Almost Danish. Both Susannah and Sabine grew up in Skåne, a part of Sweden that is often considered by both outsiders and locals to be an unofficial part of Denmark, almost Danish.
The name was decided upon, the first sample was ready, and the new start-up grew quickly, launching business at the end of October 2009. Since then Almost Danish has shown their clogs at numerous events and retailers are now stocking them. “The demand has been overwhelming and we pull on the breaks sometimes not to grow too fast and without control,” says Sabine.
The future looks bright and the two friends say that it is still amazing to see the clogs on the feet of their costumers and hear how comfortable they really are. After meeting Susanna and Sabina and trying on a pair of shiny clogs ourselves we have no doubt that these Swedish gems will soon be a must for every relaxed fashionista in California.


Linn Glimeus and Ella-Magda Axenram are working at the San Francisco Swedish American Chamber of Commerce. More info, see or email