The producers, Rox Productions of Dalarna, Sweden, are looking for a few open and honest people to take part in this film. The film will explore different aspects of Swedish beauty and how it is perceived. “It won't be anything like a Hollywood docu-soap or TV reality series. We hope to move beyond basic stereotypes to find a deeper meaning,” says Jason Holifield, who is visiting the San Francisco Bay area in mid-February.

Artists, Actors, Actresses, Models, Musicians, Beauticians, Fashion Designers, Photographers, Handcraftsmen, Architects and those of you who speak rare and beautiful dialects are just a few examples of people who might apply. Anyone who works with or has special insight into Swedish beauty and would like to share their thoughts and ideas on the subject is encouraged to submit for auditions.


“We felt it might be interesting to get the perspective of Swedes living in America,” says Holifield, adding “a lot of the angle depends on those being interviewed. Personally, I'd hope to be able to convey to the viewing public that the things that make Swedes and Sweden so beautiful goes deep beyond a superficial, stereotypical beauty. Swedes not only are a beautiful people, but they also act beautifully towards one another.”

“We are searching for a wide variety of people with sensible views and opinions about the phenomenon of Swedish Beauty. For example, a model might have experiences or insight that is just as sensible and meaningful as a philosopher, while an average Swede might display qualities that are equally as beautiful to that of a model. In order to get a better and more complete picture we are interested in talking to Swedes of all ages.”

The film is produced by Rox Productions, (with the support of Film i Dalarna). If interested, please email a picture and description to:

Deadline for casting call submissions: Feb. 08, 2010