On Sunday, Sept. 12, Robert Green Fine Arts in Mill Valley was filled with visitors for the opening reception of an exhibit by Swedish born artist Charlotte Bernström. Her abstract paintings convey the sense of very bright and sunny summer mornings. One cannot see the outline of the landscape, only the colors of nature that often disappear into an imagined horizon.
Charlotte Bernström creates all her paintings outside, in her “special” spot in the back of her home. She draws inspiration from her subconscious and never knows what her paintings are going to look like when they're finished. For Bernström, painting is an intuitive process where tuning in and feeling―not plan and structure―are the most important ingredients. She paints on canvas with acrylic and uses gesso, sand and layer upon layer of paint.
This is the artist’s first solo exhibition, although painting has been her life-long passion. It is in her blood. Mentored by her grandfather, Lennart Schultzberg, who was determined to teach her all he knew about painting, Bernström started when she was a little girl. Her great-grandfather, Anshelm Schultsberg was also a well established painter in Europe, and her great-grandmother, Ingeborg Bernström, was a painter as well.
Charlotte Bernström has taken every opportunity to further her understanding of art and technique. She came to San Francisco to pursue her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Academy of Art College (1996-1999) and California College of Arts (2000-2001).
Her exhibition is open Wednesday through Sunday 11 a.m.-5 p.m. until Nov. 7, 2010 at Robert Green Fine Arts
154 Throckmorton Ave.
Mill Valley, CA 94941
(415) 381-8776

For more info, see www.rgfinearts.com