Pancake Breakfast at Sveaborg, Lodge #449

Sveaborg Lodge #449 hosted the annual open house Pancake Breakfast on September 25 for “all you can eat” Swedish pancakes, a fantastic juicy ham and sweet cantaloupe. There was a constant flow of guests coming and going from open to close.

The tables were filled from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The pancakes were made outside, in the California heat, by Don Morrison and Johan (Olle) Forsberg. They estimate they made about 500 pancakes.

The delicious pancakes were served with tasty, very juicy slices of ham, and cantaloupe was served with a choice of strawberry or lingonberry jam. It is said that a person's preference can be related to familial tradition, but it can also depend on what part of Sweden a family comes from.

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