The members of Fylgia Lodge #119, Vasa Order of America, celebrated their 103rd anniversary at Schmidts’ (German) Restaurant at 2400 Folsom St., San Francisco, on October 12. The group descended upon the restaurant, taking over its west end; consideration was given to renaming the area VästerVASAland, while the temporary inhabitants enjoyed delicious German food, various types of beer and the warm hospitality of the locals (primarily the wait staff).
The event was attended by a range of members, from newcomers to those of long-standing (some more than 35 years!) membership. A few even realized their grandparents were members together.
Everyone had a wonderful time, enriched by great food, good conversation and the promise of more good times ahead. With that, the Fylgia members relinquished their territory peaceably and returned home (but promised to return again).
Everyone is invited to join the social events at the Swedish American Hall ( on the second Tuesday of each month.
Our next event will be the Julbord on December 14. Come, enjoy Scandinavian hospitality!
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Submitted by Jean Nelson and Scott Schulkin, PhD

1. Marty Benson, Mark Bley, Astrid Olsson, Barbara Erickson, Robert Olson, Dwayne Erickson, Ted Olsson, Evelyn Forsman

2. Peggy Peterson Bley, Astrid Olsson, Barbara Erickson, Robert Olson, Evelyn Forsman

3. Dwayne Erickson, Robert Olson

4. Barbara Erickson, Christine Olson