There were fewer participants than usual because of flu season, but that did not make any difference for the members of the Lucia pageant, who made sure they sang even better and louder.

The honor to be this year's Swedish school Lucia went to Sally Williams, a student there for many years. To always remember this special day, principal Ami Rådström-Ditzel gave her a a beautiful little porcelain Lucia as a keep-sake.

After the children sang all the traditional Lucia songs, Ellen Persson sang "Hosianna" and others read their verses, the pageant left and the song had faded out. It was time for the parents and other vistitors to enjoy "fika." The parents had brought coffee and Lucia treats to share—saffron buns, sponge cake and every imaginable kind of delicious baked item.

The Lucia pageant, fika and good company from old and new friends marked another year, and the fulfilled guests headed home to prepare for the next holiday.

Submitted by Carola Williams