By: Katarina Bennich

The event, which took place on the premises of the remarkable Sedgwick Detert Moran & Arnold, was sold out for the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, which had the pleasure to present an exclusive luncheon with Tomas Conradi.

Life Made Sweder

Conradi is the founder of Differ, Sweden's top management consultancy focused on brand strategy. He presented his speech as "10 truths your marketing people won't tell you." That is also the title of his upcoming book about modern brand building, the importance of the CEO's leadership and the role of branding in the field of marketing.
According to Conradi there are a lot of misunderstandings about building a brand. It is not about marketing! Modern brand building is about managing the company as a brand and the effort must be lead by the CEO, who has been mislead by the marketing department far too long. Many of these misunderstandings are costing companies time and money. Who is doing it right, and who is doing it all wrong?
Conradi presented examples and success stories for the audience to learn from. It was easy to tell the level of interest was high among the listeners, not only because of the number of attendees but also because of the questions asked. Guests also took advantage of the great opportunity to network with each other.

Tomas Conradi has fifteen years of experience in brand strategy and implementation with more than 100 clients. He has worked with most leading Scandinavian companies, including Ericsson, Tetra Pak, Arla Foods, Gant, SCA, Skanska, Telenor, SEB, The Red Cross and Coca-Cola Nordic. He also frequently serves as a source for brand expertise in Swedish press and television and is a renowned guest lecturer at the top graduate schools in Sweden, including the Stockholm School of Economics and the Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology.