Brittmarie Sixtensson is the new assistant at the Swedish Church in San Pedro, California since Sept. 1, 2010:

What made you apply for this position?

"After a visit at the Swedish Church in Melbourne, Australia in 1987, I always thought it would be nice to work for SKUT (Svenska Kyrkan i Utlandet)(Church of Sweden Abroad). It “only” took 22 years for me to decide it was finally about time! I was a substitute at the Swedish Church on Mallorca for five weeks in the summer of 2009, and that’s when I got my appetite whetted. Then the position as an assistant here was advertised and I applied, got it and started September 1, 2010."

Tell us about your background.
"I am a church musician, I got my exam in 1982 and 1983. I have worked in several parishes within the Swedish Church with shorter breaks as a music teacher (both privately and with classes). I am originally from Falkenberg in Halland."

Your family?
"I am single since five years back and have no children, which made it easy to accept this position. I spend my spare time reading, traveling, doing crossword puzzles, listening to music, walking and spending time with friends."

What were the first weeks like here? What’s your impression of San Pedro?

"At first everything was just like one big chaos. Everything was new: the culture, the climate, the traffic as well as the job and the people. Now I feel as if I have arrived, though I still have a lot to learn. San Pedro is a great place, and I like it a lot."

What do you like most about your job?

"The best thing is that it is NOT monotonous. Here anything can happen during one day at work, not just things planned in advance. You have to be flexible. It is, in other words, never boring."

What are your visions for your job?

"Well, I am responsible for the group activity here in Los Angeles, the Fredagsmixen, staying in contact with local Swedish schools, Lucia, bazaars and so on. My vision is to try to build on this foundation, and for me personally it is about developing and getting to know the U.S. in general and California in particular."

What’s it like to work at the Norwegian Church?

"Since I live at the church I have a great relationship with my Norwegian colleagues, so it is easy to work with them. Even if we aren’t sharing services, we work very closely together."

Is there anything you’d like to accomplish as a new assistant?

"I have a thought and a wish to eventually start a children’s choir and also a regular choir.”

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