America's Cup 07/10
ETNZ sets new record. Once again New Zealand scored points and set a new speed record sailing the course solo, as Sweden’s Artemis was not ready to race. The Kiwis completed the circuit in 45 minutes 28 seconds (about a minute off their Sunday time), achieving a top speed of 43.26 knots (49.7mph) in slightly stronger winds. The Kiwis are the most experienced in foiling and demonstrated this in tacking, jibing, and rounding the gates. Experienced sailors are in awe. Regatta Director Murray, a Cup veteran, stated “these speeds we’ve never seen before in sailing … The young people [are] hooked on this technology and excited for our sport going forward. The development that has come out of these America’s Cup boats is engaging for these young kids.” Thursday’s race (7/11, 12:15 PDT) between Sweden & Italy may be cancelled if Sweden can’t race and Italy won’t (if the Jury has not decided by then).
Ted Olsson
San Francisco