America's Cup 07/12: Luna Rossa scores sailing solo;
Jury sides with ETNZ & LR. Because Artemis is not back on the water yet, Luna Rossa sailed solo to gain a point in standings. Just before the race began the International Jury decided that, while Regatta Director Iain Murray was well-intentioned for the safety of all competitors, he could not require teams to change their original boat design without the concurrence of all teams. ETNZ and LR had objected to lengthened rudders, symmetrical and widened winglets on the rudders, and carrying an extra 100kg in the stern. The jury decided that these several demands could be optional. So ETNZ and LR will sail with their original designs, which they have mastered during a year of sailing together in Aukland. Both teams greeted the decision with gratitude, indicating that the RD’s Recommendations were no more than that.
Oracle stated “We respect the decision of the America’s Cup Jury. We continue to support the Regatta Director and we believe all teams have benefitted from his review. We don’t have an issue complying with the Class Rule, and we’ll be ready to race under the rules affirmed by the Jury.”

Artemis team remain confident
Originally Artemis said that such a vote would require them to withdraw, since they had designed their boat in accordance with the RD’s Recommendations. However, following the decision, Artemis stated that while they were disappointed that the Jury’s decision leaves uncertainty, they intend to compete and remain confident that a solution will be found allowing for a safe regatta where all can compete. They stated, “our team is working hard and we are currently in the midst of completing the structural testing of the boat. This should be completed by week’s end. Final assembly of the boat will take place next week with the goal of getting on the water in ten day’s time. Artemis has been working intensively for two months and we are eagerly looking forward to racing.”
Grant Dalton, CEO of ETNZ, following the decision said that he expected that all competitors would help in any way they could so that Artemis could fully compete.
The Regatta Director, while also disappointed, assured that all would abide by the decision and hoped all attention could now turn to the competition for the Vuitton Cup and ultimately the America’s Cup. His duty now is to meet with each team to assure and assist all to abide by the decision and then to inform the Coast Guard of the decision’s effect upon the regatta’s permit allowing it to be held on the bay; this change is expected to be negligible. He restated that his mission is to assure the safest race possible for all competitors. While appreciating his dedication to the sailors’ safety, the Jury restated that the teams and crews assume all risks and liability themselves by registering to compete.

This Saturday, is the first race between two challengers, New Zealand and Italy.
Louis Vuitton Cup Standings: 1) New Zealand (2pts); 2) Italy (1pt); 3) Sweden (0pts).

Ted Olsson
San Francisco