America's Cup: LR gets 1 point unopposed
Black Flag Race (DQF - much as expected, planned even/editor's note). On Thursday, July 25, Artemis indicating that it will not be racing Big Blue against Luna Rossa, the Race Committee agreed to the Italians’ request to declare a ‘Black Flag’ race today, signifying that Artemis was disqualified (DQF) ten minutes after the start, ending the race. Due to this the race was not broadcast.
Having lost to New Zealand again yesterday, Italy gained its fourth point in the LVC Round Robin series by sailing solo. This gives Italy a perfect record of no points sailing against New Zealand — 3 of the 4 = DNF, Did Not Finish, because Italy finished more than five minutes behind its opponent, New Zealand — and all four points sailing without opposition against Sweden. So, as they themselves admit, they need a lot more practice for their crew on its single boat.
Meanwhile Oracle confirmed that it will not be practicing on the bay, but ETNZ and Artemis will be practicing out on the bay today.
Therefore as of today, with Italy having won against Artemis, and New Zealand scheduled to win tomorrow, the 4th series of Round Robin races stands as follows:
1) New Zealand (7 pts); 2) Italy (4 pts); 3) Sweden (0 pts).

Ted Olsson
San Francisco