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I got the chance to experience the world of digital video, a new way to convey information, when I met with the inspiring Courtney Westerberg, cofounder of the audio/photo/video company Westerberg. In 2009 she and her husband, Johan Emil, realized the need for video and formed Westerberg. Courtney told me that digital video is constantly increasing and the market demand for these products is vast.
"People currently communicate through the video medium because it is immediate and makes all your senses aware," she said. "We hope to provide services catering to the current, ever-evolving market trends.”
Westerberg provides immediate and immersive connections focused on video messaging, photography and audio. The company presents people's ideas visually to a target audience. For example, to convey your ideas to a specific group, Westerberg can produce a video so potential clients understand your message. Courtney’s role is filming and communicating with new and current clients, and Johan Emil is the creative director, responsible for all editing, color, audio and technical aspects. His work at Apple helps him stay current with the latest trends.
Johan Emil was born in Sweden and studied graphic arts technology there. He went to Berkeley for his degree project and met Courtney at a barbeque. They are both musicians, ended up jamming together, and soon they fell in love. “Music has always been central and helps us find inspiration when the ideas run dry,” Courtney says. “In fact we also have a band together—Skylark Blue.” They haven’t had time to play much for a while but they hope to soon do more.
Future prospects look bright for the company. They envision intertwining both their passions: music and video communication. When their daughter Shannon, 2, is older, they also want to do more projects in Sweden and start combining their gigs and video projects.
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Michaela Setterwall