Meeting people with true passions for their professions is always tremendously inspiring. I had that pleasure recently when meeting with the talented Soody Tronson, principal at Soody Tronson Law Group, P.C. (STLGip), a boutique intellectual property law firm in Silicon Valley specializing in patents, trademarks, technology transactions and strategic counseling.
STLGip's clients include entrepreneurs, mid-size companies, universities and government agencies; and it partners with angels, venture capitalists, private investors and law firms, among others. "We are small, AND we have a great reach, both domestically and internationally, as well as the flexibility to act quickly. What makes us strong is our legal expertise, combined with our technical, operational and our consultative approach."

Experience as a key advantage
Soody founded STLGip in 2007 after a long tenure in technology and law. Saying that she is experienced would be an understatement, after her nearly 20 years in intellectual property law and 10 years as a scientist, engineer and technical manager. Soody's background differentiates her from others on multiple levels. "For example, having been a manufacturing engineer, I can naturally relate to the vulnerabilities of such processes. I can avoid mistakes when drafting licensing or manufacturing agreements. My business experience allows me to understand our clients’ strategic company goals so we can more efficiently integrate our clients’ IP strategy with that of their businesses." Soody also points out that experience is a key advantage that is often less prized today. "Unfortunately it is not something you magically acquire overnight—it requires time, learning from early failures, mentoring and the willingness to always want to learn more."
When talking about the future for STLGip, Soody says she never wanted to be a big firm; she thrives in smaller companies where it is easier to maintain high quality for delivered services and to respond quickly to external demands. She mentions that Sweden has always been a great source of inspiration and is at the forefront of achieving innovation. She has long enjoyed working with Swedish companies and emphasizes that she welcomes deepening her relationships with such companies both here and back in Sweden.
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Michaela Setterwall