On June 19, Barbro Sachs Osher held her annual reception for a celebration of the Nordic Midsummer and the newly opened exhibition “Scandinavian Modernism: The Pursuit of Function and Beauty.” The celebration included a superb buffet and a cheerful opportunity to mingle with guests from other consulates, San Francisco cultural life, and the Swedish community.
Barbro Osher gave her guests a chance to mingle before she welcomed them to Nordic Midsummer, the celebration of light. She also took the opportunity to thank and bid farewell to her esteemed colleagues Consul General Are-Jostein Norheim and Consul Hege Haaland from the Norwegian Consulate in San Francisco.
Thereafter, Osher introduced Jenny Lind Scholarship 2008 recipient, soprano Susanna Stern, and the Otto Goldschmidt 2008 recipient, Anna Christensson, pianist for the evening’s tremendous entertainment, which included a short concert of Nordic composers and opera arias. Earlier that day, Susanna and Anna had an outdoor lunchtime concert in Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco.
“Scandinavian Modernism: The Pursuit of Function and Beauty” will be open until October 2008 at the SFO International Terminal – South Wall Case. To find out more about the exhibition visit: www.sfoarts.org

Barbro Osher welcomes her guests.
Susanna Stern, Soprano and Anna Christensson, Pianist
Consul General Are-Jostein Norheim and Consul Hege Haaland
Lisa Wiborg
Kristina Bunger, Swedish Consulate, San Francisco and Scandinavian School and Lena Sivik