The restaurant business is tough any place, but in San Francisco it is becoming an ongoing financial challenge. Ask Ola Fendert, owner and chef of two highly successful restaurants, Oola and Local.
Oola restaurant has established itself as a great dining experience and a late night spot; Local is a new concept. Local does live up to the name: While dining there, you feel like a local, that this has been “your” spot for years (even though the restaurant is less than a year old). The friendly staff with its casual approach makes for a very comfortable dining experience.
Ola and his team have developed a restaurant that offers even more than a great dining experience. In the same location is a first class wine store. It focuses on smaller releases and hard to find wine at very reasonable prices. The store is also a meeting place and hosts private parties as well as wine tasting events. In addition to the in-store sales, Local has a wine club that offers its members a monthly selection of exclusive wines.
Grab a glass of wine and hang out to read your favorite magazine in the lounge area unique to Local.
You will come for the food and stay because you are a Local!