On September 14th, Team USA and Team Sweden once again teed up for a grueling and exciting round over 18 holes. The golf tournament that is part of the E-days arranged by SACC USA was the kick-off to two days of business activities in Stockholm.
The two teams met in a modified match play at the newly developed golf course Bro Hof. After opening two years ago, Bro Hof has already accomplished what no other golf course in Sweden has been able to do: It was elected the best golf course in Sweden two years in a row, and the first time was only two weeks after the opening ceremony.
The course posted several challenges to both teams and was a challenge for all participants. As the end results were tallied, Team USA stood for the third consecutive time as the winner.
The captain for Team Sweden was Tomas Hagenfeldt from LEAD Incubator and the captain for Team America was Nils Welin from Cypress Security.