Spirits were high as SWEA San Francisco held its annual crayfish party at the Golden Gate Yacht Club where Swedish-prepared crustaceans were enjoyed with a view over the bay and Golden Gate Bridge.
The cocktail hour invited pleasant talk with friends and acquaintances old and new prior to sitting in front of bowls loaded with the glowing red delicacies. Finnish-Swede Birgitta Ström with a handful of friends kicked off the traditional singing at the backdrop of slurping, happy faces. What a treat, sunset over the bay and pleasure everywhere.
All things come to an end, and when every little red delicacy was gone, while coffee was served, SWEA SF chair woman Inger Skogström and Sylvia Linde, chair from SWEA South Africa, announced the winners of the raffle. (Regardless of age, it is always exciting to await the sound of your own ticket’s number.)
A special guest of the evening was SWEA International’s chair, Åsa-Lena Lööf, and a special thanks goes to Eva Buxton and Birgitta Ström who organized the popular event.

Carola Williams

Photos courtesy Camilla Podowski

5293: Sonja Rayomond, Anna Hanson
5259: Britt Mrie Morris, Birgitta Gardo, Birgitta Lej, Britta Rosenthal
5262: Åsa-Lena Lööf (int. ordförande) Maud Hallin, Inger Skogström, Chair SWEA SF
5263: Åsa-Lena Lööf and Inger Skogström
5269: Birgitta Ström/?
5273: Gerd Probst, Sonja Raymon, Carin Bildt
5274: Britt-Marie Evers, Maud Hallin
5277: Margareta Gottreich, Bridget Stromberg-Brink
5279: Siv Richards, Karin de Brer