The 2017 Nordic Culinary Conference will bring internationally renowned chefs and culinary experts to Seattle on May 5-7 to discuss and demonstrate Nordic cuisine and cooking philosophy for local audiences. The conference features live culinary demonstrations and expert lectures with top Nordic chefs: headliner and keynote speaker, Danish culinary entrepreneur Claus Meyer; Iceland’s esteemed chef Gunnar Gíslason; Sasu Laukkonen, a renowned Finnish chef and owner of the Michelin star-awarded Chef & Sommelier in Helsinki, Swedish culinary expert Kalle Bergman; and Titti Qvarnström, chef and co-owner of the restaurant Bloom in the Park in Malmö, who has the distinction of being the first female Swedish chef to receive a Michelin star rating.

A limited number tickets are available for different events. The opening reception kicks off the weekend at 6 p.m. on May 5. For more information and to register, see